The colors of Cuba. And how to play dress up

Color and Cuba go hand in hand like two peas in a pod. There is so much color in Cuba, a rush of bright happy colors no less, that it’s not surprising how much happier one can feel while here. The exuberance in color is simply staggering. Everyone talks about the classic cars of Cuba. But my utmost delight to document, all throughout the island, were not the cars – stunning in both color and make, of course – but the doors, the unbelievably … [Read more...]

Wear New York: Pack light and travel chic for this 4th of July

Fresh of my Swiss adventures this past June, I sank right into a New York state of mind last week when I attended #WearNewYork - a grassroots movement sponsored by the Gojee fashion portal, profiling the top 15 emerging fashion designers in NYC. I went to support and flaunt another of Jia Collection's amazing reversible dresses. As a frequent traveler that enjoys comfortable chic designs, I am always up for new dresses that pack easily in my … [Read more...]

Travel fashion: summer sailing in Jia Collection

There’s no question about it; I am happiest when I’m on vacation by the water. The serenity that floods my body and mind at the sight and sound of the waves is pure bliss; it calms me and fills me with endless energy. And whenever I go to a new beach – whether it be by the ocean, the exotic Caribbean or closer to home by the Mediterranean coast – I am always searching for the perfect summer dress. Regardless of the occasion or event, … [Read more...]