Why Romania is still lacking. #Colectiv. Corruption kills

Silence speaks when words can’t. 39 dead. 130 seriously injured. 80 hanging from a thread of life. A nation floored by grief, anger and disbelief. A tragedy that could have been avoided. Twenty-six years after the fall of communism, Romania is still playing a dangerous game. And this game, by its name Corruption, is fatal. It's been 13 days since a fire that started at Colectiv Club, in center Bucharest, during a free concert by heavy metal … [Read more...]

A chilling haunted Halloween: Dracula, between myth and reality

I cannot remember how many times I was humorously mistaken for a vampire, as the daughter of a Transylvanian-born mother; growing up, I was told of the priceless value of a mostly unspoiled rural Romania and its folkloric treasures, but as an expat living in New York for the last several years, I came to increasingly appreciate its scenic landscapes, its medieval flair and its traditional rich ethnic customs. Thus, what better time to visit … [Read more...]

New Year’s Eve in Romania

Romanians believe it is good luck to eat fish on the 1st day of the new year. Therefore, my mother cooked the most delicious spicy baked trout, marinated in white wine, with mushrooms with a hint of butter. After which, something sweet is needed to further attract the good luck :) a delightful apple pie followed our fish feast. I will return with a posting with some of the traditional Romanian sweets made during Christmas and New Year's … [Read more...]