Savoring Quebec’s best dishes at Montreal en Lumiere

“Je me souviens,” Quebecois say. Montreal’s motto, whose true meaning is somewhat of a mystery going back to the façade of the Parliament Building, translates to “I remember,” undeniably referring to Quebec’s history. In my case, I remember the lovely fall I first visited Montreal. Three years ago, I explored this charming city entirely by foot. I was fascinated by Old Montreal with its French flair, enchanting cobblestone streets, distinctive … [Read more...]

Mount Royal and its breathtaking fall colors

Fully equipped with my new ankle boots, scarf and cut out gloves, I set out on a second day discovering Montreal. Often known as the blue and green city, Montreal has so much to offer besides the old city. An island boasting a generous waterfront in the Old Port, what impressed me most about this Francophone city were its breathtaking fall colors, seen throughout its 17 parks. Going up Mount Royal, Montreal’s largest park, stunning … [Read more...]

Old Montreal, positively happening

Prior to visiting Montreal, I had only heard wonderful things. All of my friends loved Old Montreal, its charming cobblestone streets, period architecture and trendy boutiques. Its nightlife and multitude of festivals beginning with spring, up to late fall, seemed to be the main attraction. So needless to say, I was burning with curiosity to see this North American city, with a French flair. Arriving in Montreal beginning of October, it was … [Read more...]