A roaring Jazz Age Lawn Party! And on meeting Gatsby

Saturday got off to a wrong start. I woke up with no voice, feeling weary and cranky. It was the beginning of a splendid day, yet I wasn’t feeling it. After an hour or so, I pulled myself out of bed and started getting ready, or so I tried. Why is the dress still wrinkled?! Why won’t my hair curl?! Where are my stockings?! I eventually got myself out the door at a very late 1:30pm. The Jazz Age Lawn Party had started since 11 am, yet I … [Read more...]

Flapper girls and the 1920s at the Jazz Age Lawn Party

Free-spirited flapper girls, vintage cars, jazz music and elegant gentlemen all gathered on Governer’s Island this past weekend for the 8th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party. It was as if The Great Gatsby and his friends had taken over the island. Strolling through the crowds of people and the 1920s whimsical decor, it was as surreal as traveling back in time. My outfit for the day: flapper dress, knitted gloves, discrete hair feather bow, … [Read more...]