You know you’ve lived in Spain when…

Note: I discovered this on Facebook and I enjoyed it much more than the one about New York. They are SOOO true!!! Having lived in Spain for several months, I can say I recognize about 80% of them. This is somewhat similar to my Fun Facts About Spain and Spaniards post. 1) You think adding lemonade, Fanta or even coke to red wine/beer is a good idea. 2) You can't get over how early bars & clubs shut back home - surely they're shutting … [Read more...]

45 Fun Facts about Spain and Spaniards

Disclaimer: The below fun facts about Spain and Spaniards are my own opinions, reached upon studying a semester in Spain, traveling through the country several times, or from my Spanish teachers. They are not meant to offend anyone, nor are they a rule. They have funny looking sandals – especially in Barcelona They say joder, coño, madre mia, vaya putada, ostia, gilipollo, esta de puta madre, hijoputa every few words. They all mean pretty … [Read more...]