An Angelys Balek Fashion Sketch Session

Not too long ago, I had the chance to play dress up again in front of an illustrious group of illustrators at the Society of Illustrators here in NYC. Brandon Graham of Would You Rock This? hosted the evening with clothes by fashion designer Angelys Balek. "The urban chic energy of New York combined with the playful sensuality of Thailand is executed in an exquisite blend of exotic European and Thai fabrications," says Graham. I loved the … [Read more...]

Fashion Illustration with Jennifer Lilya

Every once in a while, I am asked to pose in cool fashion outfits, encompassing various styles throughout history, for some fabulous fashion illustrators. So far, I’ve had the honor to pose for Bil Donovan, for Would Your Rock This? and for the Society of the Fashion Illustrators. This fall, the Brooklyn Public Library, a magnificent institution in itself, organized a series of live-sketching of fashion illustration. The extremely talented … [Read more...]

Mystery, mayhem and style at the Society of Illustrators

Bil Donovan hosted another one of his widely popular sketch events at the Society of Illustrators, rocking once again a full house. The theme was to create a visual narrative of mystery, mayhem and style inspired by a private eye & two femmes fatales. [ Illustration credit: Bil Donovan ] I had so much fun wearing a red short wig, an Old Hollywood hat with a veil, long black gloves and vintage shoes. I added a black dress with sequins, … [Read more...]

Exploring an artist’s philosophy: Daniela Kamiliotis

Entering the world of an artist is like embarking into a fantasy world, lacking the mundane realities of day-to-day. It whisks you away, and for a moment there, you reach an epiphany. Daniela Kamiliotis is no stranger to the sensibilities and intricacies of the artistic realm. Having befriended the paint brush ever since she was five years old, she never stopped since creating and consuming art. It came as no surprise when Westport storeowners … [Read more...]

Art occupies Tribeca with TOAST

New York City is home to some of the most incredible artwork, museums and art galleries in the world. It would take me a few paragraphs to list all the possibilities of meeting and observing art. But, you see, there is a lot of art that can't be found in the prestigious museums everyone heard about - such as artists' studios. Thus, not long ago, I went to partake of some TOAST; a different kind of TOAST, in the form of Tribeca Open Artist … [Read more...]