Morocco Photography Tours: Interview with Open Sky Expeditions’ Alex Ros

I've long been suffering from a burning desire to go to Morocco. My fascination with the Middle East, Turkey and its neighboring countries has only grown bigger through the years, and so I caught up with Alex Ros, owner of Open Sky Expeditions to tell us more about his globetrotting story around the world, as well as his unbelievable photography tours through the Saharan desert in Morocco. Monica Suma: Tell us a bit about yourself. Why do you … [Read more...]

TBEX 2013 in Toronto, Canada: Pros and cons

TBEX 2013 is now over. It was my first one, and so I was exceptionally curious to see how it would be. And after missing my flight on Thursday night due to train delays at Penn Station, I was even more eager once I finally arrived on Friday afternoon. Apart from having had a blast and already feeling nostalgic, I wanted to go over the main pros and cons about this year’s edition. PROS: The networking. Meeting people I had only … [Read more...]

Gwyneth Pathrow talks travel by launching Goop city guides app

It seems there is nothing Gwyneth Paltrow can’t do. She’s the world’s most beautiful woman (no comment), an Oscar winning actress, a hands-on mom, a lifestyle guru, a cookbook author … oh, and Chris’s Martin’s wife. So her new project: Goop City Guides comes as no surprise. The woman has super powers. Taking goop’s popular journal category ‘GO’ to the next level, our City Guides app is filled with all of the much-loved and … [Read more...]

5 reasons why not to miss TBEX 2013 in Toronto

Back in 2008, I went on a long summer weekend to Toronto. It was an unusual occurrence, since I went as a guest for a medical conference; regardless, it was exciting to explore on my own Canada’s largest city. The best perk was staying at the Fairmont Royal York, the legendary hotel of the same prominence as The Plaza in NYC. Five years later, I am going back for another long weekend to Toronto, this time, for TBEX 2013, a conference on … [Read more...]

How to start a travel startup: The TripCommon story

It’s a known fact that travel is not the easiest industry to monetize, and hence one that scares investors away. There are several valid reasons for that: Most consumers book around 3 trips a year, mostly to visit friends and family Less than 30% of people book online, which means most people are still less mobile and flexible than the avid traveler Many abide by the lowest-rated rule, an irrational attachment to the lowest price (even if … [Read more...]