How to Grab a Great Deal on Tenerife Holidays

One week into the second Polar Vortex this month alone and record freezing temperatures, and I am ready to escape for sunnier, warmer lands. As I plan to spend more time in Europe this upcoming spring and summer, my mind can’t help dreaming of beautiful getaways such as Tenerife. Spain has been my favorite European country since I can remember, and Canary Islands are my next stop off my Spaniard bucket list. Photo by Disfuta en … [Read more...]

Corral de la Moreria

Madrid is certainly one of the most active cities I have lived in, especially during the night. Most people are out on the streets, having some cañas y tapas with friends (beers with some appetizers), promenading the avenidas (avenues) or going dancing. This Saturday night, I went to Corral de la Moreria, known as the best flamenco show in the world. It’s recommended by the Guia Michelin and 1000 Places To See Before You Die – No 1 NY Times! I … [Read more...]

You know you’ve lived in Spain when…

Note: I discovered this on Facebook and I enjoyed it much more than the one about New York. They are SOOO true!!! Having lived in Spain for several months, I can say I recognize about 80% of them. This is somewhat similar to my Fun Facts About Spain and Spaniards post. 1) You think adding lemonade, Fanta or even coke to red wine/beer is a good idea. 2) You can't get over how early bars & clubs shut back home - surely they're shutting … [Read more...]

45 Fun Facts about Spain and Spaniards

Disclaimer: The below fun facts about Spain and Spaniards are my own opinions, reached upon studying a semester in Spain, traveling through the country several times, or from my Spanish teachers. They are not meant to offend anyone, nor are they a rule. They have funny looking sandals – especially in Barcelona They say joder, coño, madre mia, vaya putada, ostia, gilipollo, esta de puta madre, hijoputa every few words. They all mean pretty … [Read more...]