Happy colors in the Storage Room

The Old City Centre of Bucharest has been undergoing some mass reconstruction for the past two years or so. Houses have been refurbished, stores have been modernized, and above all, cafes and restaurants have been incessantly surfacing on the increasingly vibrant pedestrian district. Walking the streets of Lipscani - as most Romanians commonly call the neighborhood – I discovered a significant number of cafes whose décor I found terribly … [Read more...]

Come peek inside THE WINDOW

Last month, I went to the theatre. But not just any type of theatre; theatre that can be watched through the window, from the street ... Some background info about the unconventional theatre experience The Window: Obie Award winners, playwright Samuel D. Hunter and scenic designer Nic Ularu, along with director Ana Margineanu have transformed The Romanian Cultural Institute in New York’s Midtown gallery storefront window (corner of … [Read more...]

Brasov: a medieval town in Transylvania

Over the Christmas holidays, I took a brief two-day trip to Brașov, where my grandfather was born. Brașov, a city located in the central part of Romania, is a stunning medieval city surrounded by the Southern Carpathian mountains that is part of the mythical region of Transylvania. If you enjoy crisp mountain air, in the close realms of a historical town, then you must take a trip to Brașov. The most recognizable attraction is the "Black … [Read more...]

New Year’s Eve in Romania

Romanians believe it is good luck to eat fish on the 1st day of the new year. Therefore, my mother cooked the most delicious spicy baked trout, marinated in white wine, with mushrooms with a hint of butter. After which, something sweet is needed to further attract the good luck :) a delightful apple pie followed our fish feast. I will return with a posting with some of the traditional Romanian sweets made during Christmas and New Year's … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas from Romania!

Have yourself a very Merry Christmas with your family! And careful not to eat too much! … [Read more...]