Discovering Venice’s secret passages with Walks of Italy

I was 17 years old when I first went to Venice, in what was to be a comprehensive tour throughout all of Italy. I remember it clearly how we embarked a local vaporetto to take us across the salty island waters, past the gondolas, towards a sunny inamorata Venetia. I was instantly mesmerized; the city’s aura had blindsighted me. Such as a flawless diamond’s reflections, so were the sunshine’s rays brimming unto the city walls. La Serenissima … [Read more...]

Spotted in Männlichen: five unexpected backpackers

“Where are we heading today?” “To Männlichen. We’ll hop on the gondola cable car from Grindelwald; takes about half an hour to reach the top.” Half an hour?! You see, I love hiking and exploring the outdoors; I love to breathe fresh air and recharge, while surrounded by green backdrops. At the same time, however, I have an irritating fear of heights, always have and so, hanging from a tiny gondola as it sharply ascends until 2,225m … [Read more...]

A Brief Resort Guide: Davos, Switzerland

Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, the alpine paradise of Davos is world-famous, owing to its incredible scenery and diverse appeal. From cycling holidays to walking breaks, summer in the mountains can’t get much better and with so much on offer, Davos is an absolute must for any outdoor enthusiast. Divided into two separate parts, Platz and Dorf, the main street of Davos provides a lively centre for a mountain break. Vibrant pubs and … [Read more...]

What time is it? Fanciful at the Patek Philippe Museum

I only had two hours to explore through centuries of unrivaled watchmaking and veritable antique jewels, with no photography device allowed. My anxiety level was at all time high; so much too see, in so little time. I was in Geneva, the capital of legendary watch craftsmanship and I was finally at the renowned Patek Philippe Museum. It had just been my birthday and I was looking for inspiration for my future watch; after this visit, I realized … [Read more...]

Golden Sands: a surprising getaway by the Black Sea

Ever considered Bulgaria? High up on the travel radar, more and more eastern European destinations are attracting travelers looking for unique experiences. And as a Romanian, I owed it to myself to visit the neighbors. As a sun-seeker's holiday destination, Bulgaria has certainly grown in popularity over recent years - and it's not hard to see why. Bordering the Black Sea, Bulgaria holidays promise plenty of watery fun for all ages, a hot … [Read more...]