#AirFranceExpo: France is in the air

This week was all about Air France, France and being French. I’m not big on aviation news, but when it comes to great service up in the air, with a touch of vintage, I’ll be there! And so I put on my finest French outfit to honor the invite I had received for the Air France Expo press day on June 25th, for its first day exhibiting at Center 248 in Chelsea. First class? Check! French wine? Check! Your very own French chef? Check. As expected … [Read more...]

Falling in love with jolie Annecy, the Venice of the Alps

Not quite up the ranks of Venice’s celebrated romance or Amsterdam’s winding canals, but 22 miles south of Geneva you will encounter the most charming French village, nested in the Northern Alps. Tracing back to thousands of years ago, Annecy is the so-called Venice of the North, a whimsical town in which to explore rich history, lovely architecture and spectacular natural vistas. It was my second time here, and I could keep on coming … [Read more...]

Une petite surprise: the Sunday Market in Divonne

One of the best things about weekends in Geneva is hoping in the car for a short ride into France. The Swiss capital is conveniently located at the border with France, making trips into neighboring French towns a real treat. One of them is the spa town of Divonne-les-Bains, where people go to shop its weekly Sunday market. With the scenic Alps behind us, the entire family set out for a day of French cheese tasting and other delicacies. I … [Read more...]

A photo walk in Paris: Wine, cheese and a whole lot of sightseeing

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On top of a flickering Eiffel Tower

Following my visit to the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower was the next obvious stop. I had seen it from every possible angle throughout the years: from up in the air, from a moving car, from walking beside it. It was now time to go on top. I arrived on a fairly chilly afternoon, so while waiting at the ticketing line, the cold had taken over me. So, advice number 1 would be to buy a ticket in advance, especially during winter time. There are two … [Read more...]