Savoring Quebec’s best dishes at Montreal en Lumiere

“Je me souviens,” Quebecois say. Montreal’s motto, whose true meaning is somewhat of a mystery going back to the façade of the Parliament Building, translates to “I remember,” undeniably referring to Quebec’s history. In my case, I remember the lovely fall I first visited Montreal. Three years ago, I explored this charming city entirely by foot. I was fascinated by Old Montreal with its French flair, enchanting cobblestone streets, distinctive … [Read more...]

TBEX 2013 in Toronto, Canada: Pros and cons

TBEX 2013 is now over. It was my first one, and so I was exceptionally curious to see how it would be. And after missing my flight on Thursday night due to train delays at Penn Station, I was even more eager once I finally arrived on Friday afternoon. Apart from having had a blast and already feeling nostalgic, I wanted to go over the main pros and cons about this year’s edition. PROS: The networking. Meeting people I had only … [Read more...]