Why an Ayurveda massage might not be your thing

“Take off your clothes!” She says for the second time, right in front of me, staring. Wait ... Here!? “Can't I change in the bathroom?” I motion towards the diagonal corner. “Take off your clothes,” she insists, and she is certainly not kidding this time. I skeptically take all my clothes off, while Claire does the same, only two feet away. I reach out for the meek sheet supposed to be covering me, while my masseuse pulls me a chair. She … [Read more...]

Sri Lankan Airlines joins oneworld alliance

For the past two weeks or so, I had the incredible pleasure of exploring Sri Lanka, a gem of an island south of India, thanks to Sri Lankan Airlines and Jetwing Travels. My journey began with the joining ceremony of the airline into the oneworld alliance, after which it continued with an eight-day tour around Sri Lanka's various regions. During this entire time, I was fascinated of how a country so small, recently torn by decades of war, can … [Read more...]

Sri Lankan Airlines reveals wonders of the Jewel of Asia

There’s a fascinating world looming in South Asia, composed of countries of a wealthy historical heritage, prominent traditions and overwhelming natural beauty. There are vast lands of civilizations to explore, which time and space cannot easily exhaust, and then there’s Sri Lanka, a country so small yet so undeniably rich. The Jewel of Asia, as it is popularly known, offers a travel experience like none other. Within only 25,000 square … [Read more...]