What to Expect from the Inaugural NY Travel Festival

We caught up with Roni Weiss from RW Social, producing the first edition of the New York Travel Festival, to get the scoop on how the idea came to life and what to expect from an inaugural travel consumer show for the young tech-savvy urbanites. Monica Suma: How did the idea of the New York Travel Festival come upon? What sets it apart from the other consumer travel festivals? Roni Weiss: After going to a variety of standard consumer … [Read more...]

Q&A With Roaming Entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau

The first time I heard of Chris Guillebeau was from the Meet, Plan, Go! event this past fall in New York City. His latest book $100 Startup was one of the giveaways. I didn't win it, but the next day I ordered it from Amazon. I read it and decided to get in touch with him personally. Some of the entrepreneurial ventures described in the book had really spoken to me, and I wanted to thank him. We started talking on Twitter and despite his crazy … [Read more...]

Piano Across America: Interview with traveling pianist Dotan Negrin

I’m walking along the hectic Soho streets, on a sunny Saturday afternoon, when I suddenly hear the most marvelous music tickling my ears. It’s not a stereo, it’s live, but where is it coming from? I turn around, baffled, to a young man fervently playing a piano in the middle of the street. He is not bothered by the crazy traffic, the peeving city noise or the fact that cars might honk at him at any given time. It’s just him and his piano, in one … [Read more...]

88 and counting. Interview with Cezar, from Imperator Travel

Over time, I have met several travel bloggers and media personalities, passionate about a life of travel. Cezar is one of them, and after meeting him over drinks this summer in the Old City of Bucharest, I knew I had to share more of his amazing travels. This is the first of a new interview series I am starting, and I am honored to have Cezar premiere it! I had first heard about Cezar Dumitru, the phenomenon behind Imperator Travel, from my … [Read more...]