FlipKey: top 10 trending vacation rentals destinations for 2014

As people are becoming more savvy travelers on a lookout for custom experiences to match their travel styles and personal needs, vacation rentals are at an all-time high. Whether it's finding the perfect family rental for the holidays, or simply a quick city getaway, FlipKey helps you find the perfect vacation rental. I caught up with Tess Morton from FlipKey to tell us more about the most popular destinations for 2013 and the top 10 trending … [Read more...]

How to start a travel startup: The TripCommon story

It’s a known fact that travel is not the easiest industry to monetize, and hence one that scares investors away. There are several valid reasons for that: Most consumers book around 3 trips a year, mostly to visit friends and family Less than 30% of people book online, which means most people are still less mobile and flexible than the avid traveler Many abide by the lowest-rated rule, an irrational attachment to the lowest price (even if … [Read more...]

Meet me at Find & Follow Your Passion by FindSpark

Ever since I stepped into the exciting but competitive world of media, I knew I would need loads of talent, determination and passion. But above all, I needed tips on how to break into the industry, get my name out there and look for the right mentors. In this ever-changing digital world of ours, new generations have to work even more at distinguishing themselves; being a creative professional just got harder. We must establish our brand … [Read more...]

Social Media Week NYC recap

Last week was nothing short of a whirlwind, which somewhat justifies my lack of regular posting. With Social Media Week NYC in full force, and several projects that have recently begun, I have had little time for some of the things I love the most. But going back to Social Media Week, I had a blast as a panelist for Tuesday's discussion on "Travel photography in the age of Mobile." Hosted by Jennifer Layne Cardon from Gogobot and Brian … [Read more...]

Connected Traveler: 7 travel technologies you don’t want to miss

Last weekend's New York Times Travel Show was nothing short of amazing connections: travel seminars with distinguished personalities such as Pauline and Arthur Frommer, actor/travel writer Andrew McCarthy, travel personality Julia Dimon, brand guru Johnny Jet, and the list could go on and on. I enjoyed each and everyone's panels, as I fervently took notes. However, at a travel show and more so this year -  at its 10th year anniversary - I was … [Read more...]