FlipKey: top 10 trending vacation rentals destinations for 2014

As people are becoming more savvy travelers on a lookout for custom experiences to match their travel styles and personal needs, vacation rentals are at an all-time high. Whether it's finding the perfect family rental for the holidays, or simply a quick city getaway, FlipKey helps you find the perfect vacation rental. I caught up with Tess Morton from FlipKey to tell us more about the most popular destinations for 2013 and the top 10 trending … [Read more...]

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I just came back from vacation in Europe, or better said  from a familycation. It was a much needed getaway to disconnect from the daily grind in NYC and catch up on quality time with my family and two increasingly adorable nephews. We met in Switzerland and spent some magnificent days in nature, breathing only fresh air. I didn't have too much time to update my blog, but I did work hard at putting together my first newsletter. I researched email … [Read more...]

The real Toronto: Kensington Market and street art

I am not one to go wild for street art and graffiti. But I do however go crazy for unique art, local culture and off-the-beaten path locales. And after three days of exploring modern-day Toronto and being stuck in a dark convention center for TBEX, I just had to escape the conventional. I was craving to roam the streets of Toronto in search for beautiful architecture and adventure. The timing couldn’t have been better. My flight going back … [Read more...]

A Hamptons Memorial Day weekend

As a Romanian turned New Yorker, I quickly learnt that the European 1st of May that marks the beginning of summer and hence the first trip to the beach is in fact Memorial Day in the United States. And so, unlike last year’s Memorial Day weekend, I made plans ahead to leave the city for the Hamptons. There are several ways to get into the Hamptons: either via Long Island Railroad or the Hampton Jitney. Unfortunately, I missed both on … [Read more...]

Gwyneth Pathrow talks travel by launching Goop city guides app

It seems there is nothing Gwyneth Paltrow can’t do. She’s the world’s most beautiful woman (no comment), an Oscar winning actress, a hands-on mom, a lifestyle guru, a cookbook author … oh, and Chris’s Martin’s wife. So her new project: Goop City Guides comes as no surprise. The woman has super powers. Taking goop’s popular journal category ‘GO’ to the next level, our City Guides app is filled with all of the much-loved and … [Read more...]