Hustling my way through Costa Rica

When you only have a few days to a week to explore Costa Rica, you either pick a few destinations to focus on or you take the risk in knowing that you’re bound to run into some headaches. My impromptu Christmas trip to the land said to be the greenest country on Earth – “Costa Rica” translates into rich coast – was surely going to be a whirlwind of highlights, given the short amount of time I had. And yet, I wanted to see it all. Guess … [Read more...]

The real Toronto: Kensington Market and street art

I am not one to go wild for street art and graffiti. But I do however go crazy for unique art, local culture and off-the-beaten path locales. And after three days of exploring modern-day Toronto and being stuck in a dark convention center for TBEX, I just had to escape the conventional. I was craving to roam the streets of Toronto in search for beautiful architecture and adventure. The timing couldn’t have been better. My flight going back … [Read more...]

A Hamptons Memorial Day weekend

As a Romanian turned New Yorker, I quickly learnt that the European 1st of May that marks the beginning of summer and hence the first trip to the beach is in fact Memorial Day in the United States. And so, unlike last year’s Memorial Day weekend, I made plans ahead to leave the city for the Hamptons. There are several ways to get into the Hamptons: either via Long Island Railroad or the Hampton Jitney. Unfortunately, I missed both on … [Read more...]

Social Media Week: Travel photography in the age of Mobile

Social Media Week is just a few days away! I am honored and excited to be a panelist for Tuesday's discussion "Travel photography in the age of Mobile." Join Gogobot, the largest social network for travelers, Time Magazine’s Top 50 Sites of 2011, and The Mobile Media Lab at Hostelling International New York for a forward-thinking discussion and networking! We will delve into what it means to be a traveler and a photographer in our … [Read more...]

A vision, a fantasy, a dream: At home with Daniela Kamiliotis

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to attend the wedding anniversary of my dear friends: artist Daniela Kamiliotis and her loving husband, Thanos, in their lovely weekend home in Bethel, Connecticut. It was one of the most enjoyable outdoor parties I had been, surrounded by peaceful nature, a beautiful lake and a group of wonderful people. What was clearly a couple still very much in love, after their happy 26 years together, made for a vibrant … [Read more...]