Guest post for New York

I am delighted to share my first guest post for New York. The lovely Brits recently opened the NY showroom this past summer when they invited me to stop by. I absolutely love the furniture! Thus, I have created a fall trend mood board, showcasing the Descartes Sofa and the Scarlett and Samarkand pillows in rich burgundy hues. I have added a bit of a global touch with the Arabesque grey rug from one of my favorite interior designers … [Read more...]

A luxurious hotel within your bedroom

There is nothing I love more than to travel; travel to a stylish international location, where I can also relish at the decor of a beautiful hotel. In other words, my eclectic style is most gratified with global inspired pieces that unravel the story of my travels. Travel and stylish design really go well together, I think. So do the guys at Discover & Deliver. It’s happened to me so many times, I am out of fingers to count on. I’ve … [Read more...]

Art of another kind: Guggenheim Museum New York

I have to admit; the Guggenheim Museum in New York is one of those museums I have visited for its novel circular design, rather than its modern art. Isn't it spectacular? However, the last time I went - a week or so ago - I enjoyed both. The vibrant colored paintings captured my attention from the opposite side, with its popping hues of orange, ink blue and other playful combinations. Have you visited the … [Read more...]

Exploring an artist’s philosophy: Daniela Kamiliotis

Entering the world of an artist is like embarking into a fantasy world, lacking the mundane realities of day-to-day. It whisks you away, and for a moment there, you reach an epiphany. Daniela Kamiliotis is no stranger to the sensibilities and intricacies of the artistic realm. Having befriended the paint brush ever since she was five years old, she never stopped since creating and consuming art. It came as no surprise when Westport storeowners … [Read more...]

NYC rooftops: The Loopy Doopy Bar

Battery Park is one of my favorite places in New York to go for a walk. Although close to the new World Trade Center and Wall St, it bears little resemblance to the hustle and bustle of the career-driven financiers-filled streets. Once crossing the bridge into Battery Park, you are in a peaceful residential neighborhood, overlooking the Hudson River, the Statue of Liberty and a magnificent  boardwalk. Manhattan's Sailing School is also there, as … [Read more...]