Why an Ayurveda massage might not be your thing

“Take off your clothes!” She says for the second time, right in front of me, staring. Wait ... Here!? “Can't I change in the bathroom?” I motion towards the diagonal corner. “Take off your clothes,” she insists, and she is certainly not kidding this time. I skeptically take all my clothes off, while Claire does the same, only two feet away. I reach out for the meek sheet supposed to be covering me, while my masseuse pulls me a chair. She … [Read more...]

Trendy, retro gifts at ideeli

My friends from ideeli invited me to their Holiday Press Event, showcasing numerous must-have gifts, trendy accessories, and the latest fashion trends. Their new headquarters inside the iconic New York Times building, filled with light and sweeping NYC views, brought back memories. Needless to say, I went straight to the retro inspired home decor items. The Uma Enterprises Inc. Gramophone, going on sale for $129.99, and the Crosley … [Read more...]

Holiday travel 101: Gift shopping made easy with Birchbox

With the holiday season in full bloom, there is no better time to shop for your loved ones than beginning with Thanksgiving. Although holiday travel sets in, slightly postponing your safari exploring or beach bumming, there is no excuse not to travel. Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, you are in much need of lightweight original gifting ideas. And thanks to Birchbox, only a click away. Take me, for instance. I travel … [Read more...]

Tea, anyone?

Maintaining one's skin isn't primarily done through skin care, but through hydration and a healthy diet. Following my article on Chinese beauty tricks and my trip last year to China, I learnt the importance of drinking green tea. It's true it doesn't have the greatest flavor, but its effects are astounding. "While most of Asia is known for its heavily tea drinkers, China is by far one of the biggest consumers of green tea, the most popular … [Read more...]

4 ways to flaunt your bangs

I've been having so much fun flaunting my bangs lately; I find it looks so chic and gives you a level of sophistication. Although some may argue it's a hard up-do to maintain (I will admit having it trimmed monthly is somewhat annoying), I am lucky to not have to work much for it. So, in this shoot I had the chance to show the different ways one can wear bangs. 1. Perfectly straight coiffed bangs - just leave them long, perhaps straightening … [Read more...]