Cuban cigars and how they came to be the world’s finest

What comes to mind when you hear Cuba? Is it the tempestuous history, the legendary music or the old classic cars? Perhaps it’s a bit of everything, but most probably it’s the world-famous Cuban cigars. "If I cannot smoke in heaven, then I shall not go," Mark Twain famously once said. Cuba is far from being defined only by Havana’s bustling streets and cultural sights, for the country’s scenic lands of mountain vistas and vast tobacco … [Read more...]

Street art at its best: murals of Williamsburg

Forget about the factories turned lofts, the whimsical coffee shops and the stylish boutiques; in Williamsburg, street art is what all the rave is about. Those who know me well are aware that graffiti and industrial design are not my style; cool artwork, however, is. And after having lived for over two years in the hip, trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg, industrial has grown fond on me.  More specifically, its countless murals of artwork … [Read more...]

An Angelys Balek Fashion Sketch Session

Not too long ago, I had the chance to play dress up again in front of an illustrious group of illustrators at the Society of Illustrators here in NYC. Brandon Graham of Would You Rock This? hosted the evening with clothes by fashion designer Angelys Balek. "The urban chic energy of New York combined with the playful sensuality of Thailand is executed in an exquisite blend of exotic European and Thai fabrications," says Graham. I loved the … [Read more...]

Retro 1920s and Jazzy Cocktails with Gogobot NYC

From Oktoberfest to the 1920s! Here's a glimpse of the "Retro 1920s and Jazzy Cocktails" Gogobot NYC event I had the honor to host last Saturday evening. Given the cold is upon us, I envisioned a throwback to the 1920s, adorned with large, vintage mirrors, lush, red velvet sofas and grandiose chandeliers, a hidden speakeasy of sorts where one can sip a cocktail and travel back in time. The elegant Auction House on the Upper East Side … [Read more...]

Architecture in Cuba: the emblematic buildings of Havana

This past September, I started an exciting project working with Insight Cuba - the leading provider of legal Cuba travel for Americans - as their freelance Social Media Manager, as well as a contributing writer. As I prepare to visit Cuba in the next few months, I am writing a series of posts on Cuba's emblematic culture. Given my passion for architecture, I was fascinated to learn about the diversity of architectural styles of Havana. Going past … [Read more...]