#AirFranceExpo: France is in the air

This week was all about Air France, France and being French. I’m not big on aviation news, but when it comes to great service up in the air, with a touch of vintage, I’ll be there! And so I put on my finest French outfit to honor the invite I had received for the Air France Expo press day on June 25th, for its first day exhibiting at Center 248 in Chelsea. First class? Check! French wine? Check! Your very own French chef? Check. As expected … [Read more...]

Sri Lankan Airlines joins oneworld alliance

For the past two weeks or so, I had the incredible pleasure of exploring Sri Lanka, a gem of an island south of India, thanks to Sri Lankan Airlines and Jetwing Travels. My journey began with the joining ceremony of the airline into the oneworld alliance, after which it continued with an eight-day tour around Sri Lanka's various regions. During this entire time, I was fascinated of how a country so small, recently torn by decades of war, can … [Read more...]

Newly renovated Delta T4X Terminal opens May 24th at JFK

One of my favorite things about embarking on a trip is heading to the airport and checking in my flight. Sure, it’s stressful and time consuming, but the endorphins that flood my body as soon as I roll that suitcase out of my apartment haven’t changed since childhood. I love the feeling of having an hour to spare prior to boarding. I immediately start indulging into my guilty pleasures: buying magazines, trying out perfumes and having a bite … [Read more...]