Summer in Sydney: Top 9 Things to Do

While on my extensive travels this fall, I somehow landed unexpectedly Down Under. I liked the Australian “winter” so much, that I lingered on. How could I not? Read on my summer in Sydney guide on the top 9 things to do while it’s warm. 

The end of another year… a time of reflections and conclusions, endings and resolutions. But the end of the year in Sydney is all about beginnings. As all eyes around the globe anxiously await the world’s first and most dazzling display of fireworks, the Sydney Harbour erupts in a sparkling array of colors. The start of summer brings the surfers, the picnics, the outdoor artsy happenings back to life. Summer in Sydney shines like an exuberant carnival of endless festivals, sporting events, and outdoor attractions.

So what’s best to do during summer in Sydney? The better question is, what isn’t? The harbour city lives its summer out on the beach and on the grass, in what seems like a perpetual vacation spirit.

1. Bondi Beach

Photo: Sculpture by the Sea by: Monica Suma – Courtesy: Gogobot


Ask any local and they’ll all agree: Once summer peaks its head out, one must frolic by Bondi Beach. It’s where trendsters live and surfers surf. Sydney’s staple beach is humming with energy. Catch a wave before work, or linger on over for cocktails after.

For art lovers, a beautiful symbiosis of inspiring art, exuberant color and scenic coastline awaits, as part of the free annual exhibit along the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk called Sculpture by the Sea.

For the rest of the 8 things to do for summer in Sydney, head on over to Gogobot

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  1. Lazy Travelers says:

    we need to get back to australia. we’ve each been once, but there’s still soo much to see & do!!

  2. @mrsoaroundworld says:

    I so want to go back to Sydney!! We went on our honeymoon but only stayed 4 days… lots more needed!

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