Gogobot reloaded: my personalized guide to the world

I’m always eager to discover new places, and I love to share them with my friends. I’m not just any type of traveler; I’m picky and I want it now. The same old bar down the block just doesn’t cut it anymore. I’m always on the go and so I need fresh new ideas for where to go, wherever I may be.


Luckily so, I don’t have to use four different apps anymore. The fully re-designed Gogobot app has 23 new features to satisfy even a particular traveler like myself. With more than 16 million users, my personalized guide to the world is now only an app upgrade away.

The refreshed mapping feature now helps me discover recommendations from the Gogobot community, from hotels to restaurants and bars to museums, on a block-by-block basis.

Another important feature is that I can search for cool new places, according to my travel personality. You see, I’m not an “any bar/ restaurant will do” type of girl. I am looking for striking, creative design in the least expected places, dishes and cocktails to tickle my taste buds, and an interesting crowd to mingle with. This would easily translate into my tapping the “Arts & Design,” “Local Culture,” “Foodies,” and “Trendsters” tribes. As easy as that.


I also love the Outdoors (but not skydiving, mind you, I’ll leave that to the Adventure tribe junkies) and so the new weather forecast feature makes me very happy. I don’t have to close the app to find out what the weather will be like for that picnic I‘ve been planning for some time.

Best thing about it? I can discover, customize, share and add to a trip, all within a few simple swipes.

My birthday is coming up soon, so I am particularly excited about planning a collaborative trip with a few of my friends. Once we pick a destination, we can now all drag and drop places to visit and share amongst each other, all while being synced across multiple devices.


Head on over to the App Store or Google Play to experience the new visually-stunning app, and to tap into the 675,000 recommendations and 60,000 city guides written by Gogobot’s travelers.

Users now have open access to explore the app, discover hotels, attractions, restaurants, and make bookings without the need to log in or even sign up for an account. Gogobot plans to open things up further for logged-out users in future releases.

It’s nice to be always in the know for places to go, and with the new Gogobot, I always will  (check out my brief cameo appearance below).

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  1. @mrsoaroundworld says:

    Intriguing! I may need to try this!

    • monicasuma says:

      Let me know what you think, once you do. It works like magic, to plan trip with few friends, to find cool spots, filtered by your location and based on what interests you. It’s very useful on a day to day basis, too.

  2. i’m with Mrs. O. i think i may have a gogobot account but need to play with the app!

  3. Lazy Travelers says:

    we love hearing about useful new travel apps. thanks for the intro!

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