Gogobowling at the Bowlmor Lanes Times Square

Between the never-ending Snowmageddon and the brutal Polar Vortex, we’ve had a tough, long winter! Which is why we went bowling, to celebrate the arrival of spring (go away snow!) and inaugurate 2014 with the first Gogobot NYC event. We put the ugly snow shoes away, and got our fancy bowling shoes! We chased the winter blues by throwing some balls and scoring some points.

We also realized Bowlomor Lanes in Times Square is perhaps the coolest bowling alley in town. We found ourselves in the Central Park Boathouse, which was a great replica of the original one in Central Park.

Curious what you missed? Here’s what went down:

Bowlmor Lanes Times Square_2 Bowlmor Lanes Times Square_3 Bowlmor Lanes Times Square Gogobot NYC at the Bowlmor Lanes Gogobot NYC Bowlmor Lanes Times Square Gogobot NYC ProsGogobowling at the Bowlmor Lanes Gogobowling at the Bowlmor Lanes_2Gogobowling at the Bowlmor Lanes_7 Gogobowling at the Bowlmor Lanes_3Gogobowling at the Bowlmor Lanes_5 Monica Suma Gogobot NYC Ambassador Scott Hampton and Monica Suma Gogobot NYC The Central Park Boathouse at the Bowlmor Lanes

Pictures courtesy of Scott Hampton

Testimonials/ reviews:

Bowlmor has it all…3 floors of NYC theme rooms, flamboyant and eccentric panache, drink specials, a prestige list of celebrities who threw down on the lanes, and capacity to serve a fun party. Gogobot NYC held an awesome event here and confirmed that this an excellent place for a group activity regardless of the occasion.

Scott Hampton, Gogobot PRO 2013 & 2014

Very fun ambience! Went to Bowlmor for a fantastic Gogobot event and appreciated the warm, helpful staff and great 90s throwback music! The whimsical design theme of iconic NYC destinations added an escapist twist to the nostalgia I felt enjoying a favorite old pastime again.

Jennifer Stepanyk, Gogobot member 

Attended the Gogobot event last night and had a blast. Haven’t been bowling in many years, so it was frustrating and fun all at once. It’s a bowling alley with a nightclub vibe. Staff were friendly and helpful. I wish the place had a better music rotation (more to my taste of classic and hard rock instead of pop). It’s definitely fun having a small group on a pair of lanes as we had for this event. Look forward to doing it again. Be warned- if you pay for 2 hours, they shut off the lanes in 2 hours even if you are in the middle or near the end of a game. I did not like that.

Steve LeVine, Gogobot Pro 2012 & 2013


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