Retro 1920s and Jazzy Cocktails with Gogobot NYC

From Oktoberfest to the 1920s! Here’s a glimpse of the “Retro 1920s and Jazzy Cocktails” Gogobot NYC event I had the honor to host last Saturday evening.

Given the cold is upon us, I envisioned a throwback to the 1920s, adorned with large, vintage mirrors, lush, red velvet sofas and grandiose chandeliers, a hidden speakeasy of sorts where one can sip a cocktail and travel back in time. The elegant Auction House on the Upper East Side epitomized that vision for it had it all, an exquisite hidden gem that I highly recommend you visit: spacious, intimate, grandiose 1920s decor, awesome bartender (thank you Adam for being the nicest bartender ever and for the multiple drinks on the house), decently priced cocktails, great atmosphere.

It was the perfect location for the Gogobot NYC event to meet and greet both new and existing members. As for fun swag and delicious cocktails, there was plenty of those! I recommend the Smoke and Honey cocktails, I couldn’t have enough! Trust me on this.

Here’s a glimpse of how the night enfolded:

The Auction House NYThe Auction House NYC_2Gogobot NYC The Auction HouseGogobot NYC The Auction House_2The Auction House 1920s decorGogobot NYC The Auction House_3The Auction House barRetro 1920s and Jazzy Cocktails with Gogobot NYC Retro 1920s and Jazzy Cocktails with Gogobot NYC_2Gogobot NYC event The Auction House Retro 1920s and Jazzy Cocktails with Gogobot NYC_3 Retro 1920s and Jazzy Cocktails event with Gogobot NYCRetro 1920s and Jazzy Cocktails with Gogobot NYC_4

Pictures courtesy of Scott Hampton

Not convinced yet?

Testimonials/ reviews:

Romantic dim lights, exquisite wall to wall 1920s inspired interior decor, and some of the finest mixology done behind a solid oak mahogany wooden bar…this is where you would find Jay Gatsby romancing Daisy Buchanan during our marvelous times. Whether first date, second date, anniversary, or just a group of trendsetters, this place is the perfect setting for all thee above. Gogobot recently held an event here and not only did they capture a theme, they inspired an urge to venture more “outside the box”.

Scott Hampton, Gogobot PRO 2013

It feels like you are in a gothic mansion set from a movie. The place does a good job with making you feel like you found a secret hideaway on the Upper East Side. There’s no conspicuous sign outside and it feels like you’re clandestinely sneaking into a private meeting or the members-only Gogobot event which I had the pleasure to be part of. Highly recommended.

Iva Avramov, Gogobot member


Fantastic decor and vibes here. I felt like I was in a (slightly haunted) mansion! Highly recommended.

Kevin Lu, Gogobot PRO 2013

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