Flapper girls and the 1920s at the Jazz Age Lawn Party

Free-spirited flapper girls, vintage cars, jazz music and elegant gentlemen all gathered on Governer’s Island this past weekend for the 8th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party. It was as if The Great Gatsby and his friends had taken over the island. Strolling through the crowds of people and the 1920s whimsical decor, it was as surreal as traveling back in time.

Flapper girl

My outfit for the day: flapper dress, knitted gloves, discrete hair feather bow, stockings and my great-grandmother’s vintage shoes; and lots of pearls!

Jazz Age Lawn Party The Great Gatsby fashion Vintage cars 1920s Vintage gramophoneCouple dancing

Michael Arenella and His Dreamland Orchestra entertained the attendees, as guests filled the dance floor to showcase their jazz moves. A series of dancers and singers performed, while vendors of era-reminiscent finds populated the sides of the great lawn.

1920s fashion Jazz Age Lawn party

The St Germain liquor provided the drinks, thanks to mixology maven Lynnette Marrero who created signature specialty cocktails for the festive occasion: the classic St Germain cocktail and the Sangria Flora, both incredibly refreshing summer drinks.

1920s band 1920s jazz performers Minsky sister The Minsky sisters
Guests could not have enough of the performances, which included the Dreamland Follies, Roddy Caravella and the Canarsie Wobblers, and the Minsky Sisters. I realized then and there on the dance floor that for next year, I have to be dancing like one of them.

Art deco hats Bohemian 1920s hair piecesOpulent hats 1920s1920s hat Whimsical hair pieces 1920sFlapper dresses

My favorite part of the jazz age extravaganza were the vendors on the side exhibiting all sorts of art deco items, and bohemian accessories: opulent hats, romantic veils, whimsical bows and hair pins, vintage purses and antique jewelry. I would have easily bought it all.

1920s picnic

The roaring 20s is my favorite era of all time! What is yours?

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