Featured as Gogobot NYC’s Rockstar of the Month

I’ve been badged! Check out my latest interview, my Istanbul custom guide and my curated spring guide for NYC. I’m honored to be featured as Gogobot NYC’s first Rockstar of the Month, and be part of a vibrant travel community such as Gogobot’s. I generally love to share pictures of my favorite places in the world, and so posting postcards and reviews came very natural to me.

Gogobot NYC Rockstar of the Month

As a blogger, photographer and traveler, Gogobot provides all that I need and want from a social network targeted for people passionate about a life of travel. You also get fun badges and perks when you least expect it and you get the chance to meet other avid travelers like yourself. To sign up for Gogobot, visit www.gogobot.com.

For the full interview, read the newsletter here.

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