The Ebony Hillbillies for CBS News “60 Minutes” TV Boot Camp

This summer I had the immense honor of being chosen as correspondent for the  CBS News “60 Minutes” TV Boot Camp, in collaboration with CUNY. Working on a “60 Minutes” style news magazine piece, entirely produced by a team of students was an incredibly rewarding experience. During the two-week intensive course, we were required to write our own scripts, shoot, edit and tape portions of our segments in the 60 Minutes studio. The chosen topics ranged from social to political issues. We had the tremendous privilege to work under the guidance of CBS News Senior Editor Warren Lustig at 60 Minutes. The final product was critiqued by CBS producers, including 60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager.

I suggest you start with the 2009 Introduction of the four stories produced (I appear by minute 2:00):

Then scroll down to the story my team produced: The Ebony Hillbillies


It was really fun to work on this piece; at the same time, I won’t lie, quite challenging at times filming in Grand Central, at an outside food festival, while on a limited student budget/team. What was a draining and demanding two-weeks, proved to be real-life experience and what’s most important, we learnt to tell a story to the audience…

Did I mention I also met Charlie Rose in the CBS studios? Well, I did, and he is extremely charismatic and as photogenic in real-life, as on TV.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

You can also see my team’s video here and a report on all four here.

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